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Rozen Maiden - Rewind: Nine years after the first Rozen Maiden TV series, comes this new incarnation. It is a reboot of sorts: again Jun gets a bossy doll sent to him. The other dolls are introduced and we even get some fights!
The writers didn't know what they wanted: did they want a re-telling, with everything that entails, or did they want to jump straight to the action? The result is quite a bit of a mess in the story-telling department. And our feelings towards the first Rozen Maiden series were lacklustre, so we'll skip this one.

Danganronpa - the Animation: The most talented high school students areinvited to attend a special school! Well, and one (un)lucky guy who won some sort of lottery. Except it's not a normal school: the students are all locked up by the sadistic headmaster (who takes the form of a robotic teddy bear!). Everything is provided for the students, but they can never leave -- unless they kill one of their fellow students.
A rather interesting take on the trope of a closed environment with a limited number of persons. I'm pretty sure paranoia will run rampant a few episodes in. Still, it wasn't to our tastes -- the whole setting is too contrived.

Senki Zessho Symphogear G: Sequel to Sympogear, which we didn't watch. And so this sequel wasn't for us.

Love Lab: Maki, the student council president, is the most lady-like at the all girls' school. But Riko discovers that Maki is curious about love, but of course neither of them has any experience with stuff like boyfriends. And so they do all sorts of stupid skits in order to 'practise'.
This series is just too stupid to believe. We watch this crap so you know what to avoid! ;)
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