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Running progress

In October last year, I started running. I downloaded a couch-to-5K podcast and started off. With my weak shins and ankles, I had to re-do quite a few lessons to give my legs some time to get used to running. I certainly didn't want a repeat of the previous time, when I had to abort the whole program because the strain on my legs was just too much!
And so I slowly, slowly progressed through the lessons. Then in March we went on vacation, and what with the bad weather and all I didn't run. But at the end of June, we decided to re-start again. I went back a few lessons and then started to slowly progress through the program, pushing my limits.

Today is the first time that I managed to pass the 5 km mark during a running session. I'm pretty proud of my achievement, and I'm determined to finish the program. But I'm also determined to give my legs time to recuperate and to get used to running longer and longer.

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