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More new anime

Tamayura: More agressive: Fu's story continues, just where we left off. Starting off in her second year of highschool, she decides to become "more agressive" (read: more assertive, which is of course quite different from 'more agressive', but there you are). First point of order: establish a photography club at school!
Slow-paced slice-of-life. If you liked the OVA and the first series, then you will like this too, because it offers exactly the same.

Servant x Service: Straight out of college, Lucy becomes a civil servant in her home town. Her reason for this is revenge: she wants to find the civil servant who authorised her parents giving her twelve first names! However, being a civil servant is hard work: people are never happy with your service, and to top it off one of her colleagues is a total slacker!
I'm not completely sold on the series. It could be fun, but it could also be a total dud that retreads the same old territory over and over... The first episode was fun though.

Stella Jo-Gakuin C3-Bu: Yura is a bit shy, but she is determined to make many friends as she starts to live in the dorms of the Stella high-school for girls. But due to her shyness, that doesn't really work out that well -- untill she is recruited into the C3-club by her roommate. The C3 club is the school's airsoft club, running military simulations. Yura does fit in very well with the other weirdoes of the C3 club...
I liked the characters, and I like how their are very assertive and unapologetic when it comes to their chosen hobby. I'm totally up for a bishoujo series where the girls kick ass in their own way.
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