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More Skyrim quest mods

Two more quest from mods finished!

The Void Walker is not so much a quest as it is a scavenger hunt to gain some very neat spells. There's a spell to do a line-of-sight teleport, a spell to take over an enemy and the one I like best: a spell to summon a horde of rats to attack your enemies. The spells are all over Skyrim, but getting to the various 'altars' is not much of a challenge. Still, the spells themselves are really cool.

Quest: Sorcery can be started from a book in the Bard's College. A sorcerer was tricked by Clavius Vile, who granted him the power to create new worlds. Only the fourth attempt was succesfull, but when Clavius came for his payment, the sorceror hid his treasure in his fourth world and locked the keys in the three preceding worlds. Of course you have to find his tower (at the end of the beautiful West Reach Pass) and traverse the three realms to get to the treasure! But it's not what you would think...
I really enjoyed this one. The puzzles are clever (most of them, anyway), and the locales are really beautiful. A clever little quest!
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