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My cellphone contract is expiring on August 12th. Two years ago, I entered in a contract for around EUR 45 per month, in order to get the Samsung Galaxy S2, then the top of the line Android phone, and certainly a step up from my G1. But I make so few phonecalls with that thing that I never even made a dent in the call minutes.
Now, there are better Android phones out (mainly the S3 and S4), but my S2 still serves me quite well. In fact, I haven't found anything that it won't do. So there's no need for a new phone, and there is no need to continue on my expensive contract.
So I went sim-only. I ordered a sim with a company that a colleague gave good reviews to. Now I will get 100 call minutes (or 100 SMS) and 1000 MB internet connectivity per month for only EUR 13. That totally works for me.

Also, we have a fibre-optic cable dangling in our garden. On August 21st, it will be connected inside our home. I'm looking forward to 100/100 internet speeds.
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