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Yesterday I visited my parents. It's become a bit of a tradition to do so when klik is on sesshin. And I still had my mum's iPad lying around, and my dad had some configuration issues with his new laptop, so my visit was also practical.

We took the bicycles and went to the village center for some sort of art expo -- sculpture by local artists. I was fun to wander around a bit and look at the scultures. Some where not my taste, others were intriguing. There was nothing that I would be willing to pay for, though.
But what is it with sculpture and female nudes? There were loads of images of women -- some pregnant, some with their breasts emphasized, some with long hair... And there was only one male nude. What's up with that? Why the obsession with the female figure? One artist even had only female figures, and nobody seemed to think that was kinda odd...

I also looked at a marble head of a woman, where diagonal lines ran through the face. Hard to describe, but it was a very 'technical' piece, and I enjoyed that. I looked at it from all sides (it's three dimensional, after all). The lady that loitered around near those pieces (could have been the artist) asked me if I did sculpture as well. According to her, the way I looked at the pieces betrayed the view of a professional. Of course, I don't do sculpture, and I told her so. She asked me if I did 'anything else', so I told her that I did a lot of bookbinding.
"Oh," she said, "so nothing creative?"

That turned out to be the fastest way to end a conversation with me.
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