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Final pin

The 'end boss' of pins: my pin of Gundam Front Tokyo. They're only available from two gashapon (capsule toy) machines that stand behind the life-sized Gundam statue in front of Diver City Odaiba in Tokyo. This being a gashapon machine, you never know which one you're going to get -- and of course the numbers of the pins vary... I got lucky: I got the rare pin on my first (and only) try!
This is easily the most nerdy, specialised pin I have (along with the NERV-pin I got three years ago). And so I chose it as the 'end boss' of my pin week!

Right when I got into the elevator from the parking deck to the reception, I got asked by a random worker what I was wearing. I started to explain, but then she realised I was not a colleague, and she was a bit embarassed by her surprised reaction. ;)
This week, I learned that if you have a reputation for being a bit eccentric, you can get away with wearing weird pins and everyone will see them and politely ignore them. I think I'll make use of that later on!

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