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LED clock update

Apparently, the LED connected to the most significant bit of the B-port is broken and/or wrongly connected, because it won't burn. But I have verified that the clock keeps correct time for at least 8 minutes.
Tomorrow, I'll try to experiment with multiplexing via transistors. I also need a few more 10K Ohm resistors and some switches, so there's another trip to Technica in the works.

I want to give the clock two modi: one that keeps time and another one which displays patterns. With a switch, you switch modes (Ha! didn't see that one coming, did you!?), and I will add two buttons: one to add to the minute counter and one to add to the hour counter -- but in Pattern Mode, it will switch between patterns.

If anyone has a cool, animated pattern that can be displayed on a grid of 6x4, comment, and your patterns shall be immortalised as PIC-assembly code!

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