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Cat status report

The cats are doing fine. Getting sterilised was stressfull for them -- especially for Yuzu, who spent three days avoiding us after she got home. Mikan was her sociable self at the end of the day again. But now Yuzu has completely turned around, and they're even more adorable than before.
(One thing that Yuzu does is go to the bathroom with us when we brush our teeth. She gets very friendly then, wanting to be petted and purring like a lawnmower. We guess she was a dentist in a previous life.)

Yuzu lounging in one of her favourite spots.

Mikan attacking a piece of cardboard. It's the perforated piece that comes out when you open up a new carton of kitty litter. They don't pay the cat toys any mind, but this piece of cardboard? It has to die.

Yuzu likes to attack the piece of cardboard as well. Sometimes they take turns attacking it.

Time for kitty riots! Mikan is often the agressor, but Yuzu can handle her -- if she wants to.

I still don't understand how someone could dump these kitties. I'm so glad they chose me as their new boss.
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