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Long overdue, but what with the release of Ni No Kuni, I have little time to spare. ;)

Love Live!: The school isn't attracting enough kids anymore, and with student numbers dwindling, the school is going to be closed. (With the low birth rates in Japan, that's not even a far-fetched scenario these days...) Honoka doesn't want that, and thinks of a plan to attract more students. And of course that's to launch a group of 'school idols'! Because every school needs a group of singing and dancing girls to act as a signboard, right?
If CGI dancing moves are your thing, you'll totally dig this.

The Unlimited - Hyobu Kyosuke: ESP users are discriminated against, and even locked up on a prison island where some sort of 'jamming' surpresses their powers. Kyosuke lets himself be caught and sent to the prison island, because the prison warden is up to no good -- and has one of Kyosuke's partners captured. And of course a powerful ESP user like Kyosuke can break through the jamming...
It reminded me of Deadman Wonderland, which is not a positive thing. And a series with an arrogant and unlikable main character? Not that appealing.

Amnesia: When the main character wakes up, she doesn't know who she is or what she did in her daily life. Luckily, she is surrounded by pretty boys who take care of her, but when she is alone in her room (which she doesn't recognise) it seems that her soul fused with someone else's, and she needs to find her memories back!
It seemed like a reverse-harem scenario. Which is fine, but our heroine is a bit dopey and indecisive, and all the males are archetypes with weird eyes...

Tamako Market: Tamako lives in a shopping arcade, where her family have been making mochi for years (and fighting with the family of her classmate, who are the rival mochi makers). One day, she finds a white cockatoo who can talk! The bird latches onto Tamako and tells her that he is looking for a bride for his master, the prince of birds. Hijinks ensue.
I've read descriptions of this series stating that it would be 'like K-On!, but with cooking'. That is not true -- you can see the similarities and some of the archetypes re-emerge, but it is quite distinct and much more weird. I liked it.

GJ-bu: No-one seems to know what the Good Job-club is all about, but that doesn't stop the five members from hanging out in the club room and doing not much of anything. There's the male protagonist and the four girls who make up the club -- with lots of potential for harem-like antics. Most of it is talking about various subjects.
I don't know why I was amused by this -- the description alone would set my expectations quite low. But it was fun in a low-key way, a bit like Haruhi but without the supernatural antics (as far as we could determine from the first episode...)

Da Capo III: Third incarnation of a dating sim. This time, the official newspaper club receives a challenge from the (more popular) unofficial newspaper club, and the president is determined to win. The cherry tree on the island, which is said to always blossom in the past, suddenly starts producing blossoms again, and the everyone in the club receives an SMS dated from 1951...
Predictable, squeaky voices... I think we'll pass.

Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT: Second season about the 'Neighbour club', a place where all the social misfits who can't make friends seem to gather. The weirdness gets upped and it gets more risqué.
We thought the first season was decent enough, we liked the first episode of this season too.
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