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New anime

We've checked the new anime for this season. These reviews are a bit later than usual, because of klik being away on a zen retreat for a week.

Inferno Cop: Only a few minutes per episode. Tough cop cuts down gangsters -- the end. Over the top, cardboard cut-out animation, stupid.

Puchimas: Girl finds smaller version of herself and convinces her brother (who has a capital 'P' as head) that she can keep her/it. Only a few minutes per episode, no plot, stupid.

Mangirl!: What happens when a bunch of girls launch a manga magazine without any prior experience. No plot, short, stupid.

(Are you seeing the pattern here?)

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru: Eita doesn't want anything to do with romance. His parents' failed marriage soured him to the idea, and furthermore: he needs to study to get into a medical university so he simply doesn't have the time. Then he gets the seat next to Masuzu, a beautiful girl that every boy pines for, and she manipulates him into becoming her pretend-boyfriend. She is not interested in romance either, and she needs him to keep the other boys away from her.
It'll probably turn into a harem anime, but I thought it was nicely done -- the protagonist has character and goals of his own, which should make things interesting.

Minami-ke Tadaima: I think I've lost count: is this the fourth Minami-ke series? Still, it's fun in exactly the same way as the previous ones -- though I did notice a sudden increase in fanservice. Let's hope that stays within bounds.
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