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Webhosting weirdness

I administer quite a few sites, five in total. Four of those are hosted by the same webhoster (where I also had my dad host his personal domain). They offer PLESK as their administrative interface, along with Installatron to deploy popular server-side applications on your domain -- my preferred method to install Wordpress, for instance.
I had thought that I would enjoy doing a campaign blog for my Streamdales campaign, so I sought to install Wordpress on my own personal play-around site, using Installatron. Imagine my surprise when I got the message that the version of PHP was too old for the newest version. So I quickly threw together a page that dumped the output of phpinfo(), and found out that the build date of PHP on that machine was somewhere in 2007.

I would think that in the past five years, there have been quite a few critical bugs fixed. I try to keep the Wordpress installations on my site up-to-date; I don't find the idea of my site being used to spread malware or spam very attractive. But if the supporting software is so old, that is basically undermined by my hoster. I'm quite dissapointed and sent their helpdesk a mail to ask after their upgrade policy.

Depending on their answer (and actions) I might have to move my sites over to another hoster.

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