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Today is Koppermaandag, the first monday after epiphany. It's a traditional festive day for guilds, but when the guilds were abolished only the printers kept the tradition going. Printer apprentices would make a print with a text wishing the receiver well for the next year (a predecessor of christmas cards) and collect a small fee from their patrons -- which was spent in the pub right after, of course! Still the paperboys (and girls!) come by to collect a tip at the end of the year, which is also a remnant of Koppermaandag.

It is also an important date for the Marginal Printers Foundation, the club of Dutch 'private presses'. I'm a contributor of the Foundation, because I operate a private press too, after all! And for Koppermaandag they send their newsletter and a Koppermaandag-print -- this time a booklet with text from Diderot, printed by one of the members. And a copy of Mooi Maginaal 5, a bi-annual book showing the competitors for the most beautiful publications from the private presses.

This date is when I pay my contribution fee (that's why they send the print, after all). And since I'm a contributor, I can get a page on the site for my printing press. I had held off doing that because I had little to show (yet), but now that I have some works under my belt, I've decided to create my own page in the printers' directory.
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