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Jan. 3rd, 2013 @ 12:01 am Finished game: Baldur's Gate
Current Mood: calmcalm
Some time ago, I bought Baldur's Gate off gog.com -- and then bought all of their D&D games in one of their sales (one of which is still going on at this moment). First order of business was Baldur's Gate, which runs very well under Wine (especially if you use PlayOnLinux, which has pre-defined settings for these games).

Baldur's Gate is the first game that was released by Bioware, using their 'Infinity Engine', implementing the AD&D 2nd edition rules in a point-and-click interface. The first Bioware game I played was Dragon Age: Origins, and some of the elements from Baldur's Gate are also present in that game -- fun to see that.
Baldur's Gate has aged (though there are some mods to prettify it, and there's an Enhanced Edition out now if you feel like paying a premium), but the gameplay is pretty solid. You assemble a party of adventurers to aid you in your quest, and murdering and pillaging you go about your business along the Sword Coast to the south of the city of Baldur's Gate.
Even though there is an epic plot (with larger-than-life destinies), you have to spend a lot of time just wandering about to round out your party, straying from the path a lot to kill random enemies to gain experience so that you can set the next step in the plot -- I really needed a walkthrough, because otherwise I would be too weak to progress into the plot. There are no quest markers on the map or anything, so you have to study your journal -- and then still the clues are along the lines of 'somewhere to the west'...

Still, I had a good time playing this game. There's a second game of it as well, which I'll get around to eventually.

I'll give it a 7. Good, clean fun.
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