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Quickie anime reviews

We've finished watching Moyashimon Returns. My first episode review is here.

Moyashimon is a thin excuse for a series of lectures on various fermentation processes and how those processes are used in industrial and artisanal production of food and (especially) drink. In between, we see the cast investigating a tunnel in the cellar of the university building, participate in the school (harvest) festival and travel to France to find Hasegawa who went there on a trip with her fiance.
It's fun enough, but it certainly didn't sparkle anywhere. Decent animation, but if you don't have a deep, personal interest in fermentation, it gets kinda old towards the end -- and that's telling with only eleven episodes.
I'll give it a 6. It passes, but barely.

We've also finished watching Kuroko no Basuke. My first episode of that is here.

It's a sports anime, basketball to be precise. Kuroko was the sixth member of the 'generation of miracles': a middle school team that took the championship. Now all players have moved to different high schools, and Kuroko's ambition is to show the other members that their way of playing basketball is inferior to his way.
And 'his way' is playing as a team instead of with a set of talented individuals. Of course people have their own specialities (and powers), but they also have their limits, which can be exploited to the advantage of the (other) team!
The first half is fun enough: there's lots of tactical considerations and things like that. But later on, it gets to be all about the special powers/talents and it gets a lot more shouty. By the end we were glad it was over, because it was getting boring.
This one also gets a 6.

Then there was Tari Tari. The first episode review of that is here.

In the first episode review, I called it K-On with singing. That's not entirely correct: the character development in Tari Tari is much deeper. The main character, a girl who wants to sing at the music and school festivals, gets chewed out for not taking music 'serious enough'. But she assembles a motley crew of boys and girls around her and forms a (small) choir -- enough people to get recognised as a school club.
Of course, there are many adversities to overcome on the road forward -- some of them of a quite personal nature for the kids. This is the way it differs a lot from K-On: that one is fluff, and Tari Tari shows the struggles of its main characters. Of course, through their perseverance and can-do attitude, the kids manage to reach their goals.
I liked it a lot. Yes, there is fluff involved, but it has a lot of character development, which makes it in some respects better than K-On.
I'll give it an 8.

Then there's Seikaiichi Hatsukoi, the first episode of which I reviewed here.

It's yaoi, with various relationships surrounding the all-male editor team for a shoujo manga. And frankly, it's too long. You see the same patterns being repeated over and over and over again. The series made me feel like slapping some sense into the main cast, which is never a good sign.
I guess it's true that yaoi just doesn't have a point and never goes anywhere. I'll give it a 5.

Then there's Natsuyuki Rendez-vous. The first episode review of that is here.

The love triangle between florist Rokka, her employee Ryosuke and the ghost of her dead husband (which Ryosuke can see and converse with, but Rokka can't) could have beena zany love comedy. But it's not: I was impressed with how honest and compassionate the portrayal of the difficult relationship between the three was. And it's refreshing to watch an anime that deals with a rather adult theme, for once.
However, the middle part of the series is drawn out too long -- it could have been much shorter without lessening the impact if it had preserved the narrative thrust of the first few episodes.
Still, I liked it a lot. I'll give it an 8.
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