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What nobody asked about

We printed our christmas cards ourselves this year, and they turned out pretty cool. But there is one thing on the card that I had expected people to ask about -- but none did.

At the bottom of the card, we printed "world peace is possible".

Some time ago, klik came back from a zen teaching day with a postcard that stated: "World peace is possible", along with a drawing by Dick Bruna (well known for Miffy -- but he also drew the sitting zen monk which is the unofficial zen.nl logo). It's a new project by the zen master to "make people aware that peace is possible".
I've seen a YouTube vid where he explains his reasoning. And in short, it's an attempt to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to make people aware that peace is actually possible -- and then maybe act like that.
I really dislike NLP. But I really like the idea, and so we included the message on our christmas card. So that more people get acquainted with the idea that world peace is possible -- or to reinforce the idea.

Who knows? It might even help.
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