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State of the cats

Mikan and Yuzu have been living with us for one week and a half now. They've quickly adapted to living with us -- and while they seem to be at ease in the house, they're not (yet) at ease with us at all times. It also didn't help that we had to treat Yuzu's eye with an ointment, which she hated. But we're getting there.

It's fun to see the differences between the two sisters. Mikan is the most outgoing of the two, and she actively seeks out headscritches. She's also the smallest of the two, but when they get their wet food, it's Mikan who eats first! Clearly, she is the 'gang boss', earning her the nickname of Bancho.
Yuzu, meanwhile, is the largest of the two, and also the most skittish: she'll run for cover (the table is a favourite) when you approach. She is also more playful than Mikan, and also more adventurous: she goes places first and then calls Mikan over.

We have been petting them -- and when they're in the mood, they greatly appreciate it. But if they're not in the mood, they'll run away from you and hide! Mikan likes to sleep on our bed at night -- they're both not very loud, and certainly not prone to mewing loudly in the middle of the night. However, last night Mikan decided that she had enough and it was time for us to pet her and demanded headscritches by purring loudly -- at 4 AM. So I picked her up and put her outside -- which she didn't appreciate. Both of them purr pretty loudly, too.

I am convinced that the cats have learned to teleport throughout the house. You might check their usual spots and not see a cat for hours, and then, just ten minutes later see them emerge from that exact same spot. They enjoy hanging out together: they like to sit in the carrying basket together, or sit on klik's desk chair. I think they'll grow too big to do that soon, though.
Having the two sisters works quite well: they do annoy each other. They have regular Kitten Riots, and I think it's Mikan who starts them most often.

This is Mikan. Her head is all dark, except for a light stripe across her nose.

This is Yuzu. She has a light fore-head (and is much bigger). This is her favourite spot to observe us: close to the safety of the table.

Yuzu likes sitting comfortably. It's Yuzu who sits on the couch or on the kitty pillow, while Mikan is happy to sit on the floor.

Yuzu observing what's happening in the kitchen.

Mikan looking up.
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