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Cat Report: Total success

After getting a clogged drain looked at, we were slightly running late -- but nothing too major. So we presented ourselves at the asylum, where we went through the paperwork with the lady that manned the desk. She explained the procedures and some of the rules (which all make sense). We also heard a bit about the background: the three of them were found when they were about three or four weeks old, dumped in a box near a fishing spot. That's just too young to be separated from their mother, and they were very fierce against everyone. They were put in a foster home and only recently came to the asylum itself. The third sister, Rizla (which is coincidentally the name of a brand of cigarette paper -- large ones, which make them a stoner favourite) had already found a home. (Which is good, because otherwise we'd be tempted to have a look at her too.)

And then we loaded up the kitties in our basket. They're small enough to fit in there with the two of them -- together they weigh about as much as Chibi did. About half an hour later, we departed and about half an hour later after that, we got home. We put the basket near the kitty litter (we want them to know where that is!) and opened the door.

Soon after, Rania was holed up in a nook upstairs in the hobby room (where we released them), while Riga was holed up under the couch. Things stayed like that for about half an hour, after which Rania began mewling. We looked her up and she emerged from her hiding place and even let herself be petted. klik managed to catch her and brought her downstairs, to be with her sister. Soon, both of them dissapeared underneath my grandmother's linen closet, that we have in our living room. Things stayed like that for another half an hour.

Rania is the most social one. She comes to you for skritches, and even gently bites your fingers if you stop. She purrs quite loudly -- but if you approach her when upright and walking straight at her, she bolts. Riga, meanwhile, is the most skittish one, but also the most adventurous. She was the first to go up to the attic.
When they lose sight of each other, they being mewling with squeaky voices, until they locate the other. (These cats are not deaf, which makes some things easier and some things harder.)

We got a sack of their kitty food with us, and we put that down in a bowl. Later in the afternoon, I also put down a bowl of 'wet' food, which was an instant hit -- you'd think they'd never gotten any food back at the asylum. When we had dinner, Rania came over to be petted and to sit on klik's lap.
This evening, Riga had made herself at home in one of the fluffy kitty containers and was snoozing a bit. I took a few photos and she didn't seem to be too alarmed. So I approached her, staying low, and was able to pet her. She was a bit apprehensive at first, but once I completed my first caress of her head and back, she was sold. She started purring as well (both sisters are LOUD!) and Rania came over to be petted as well (she seemed jealous). And they fur is so soft and fluffy!

So I just spent some time on the couch with two purring ladies on my lap. I am very happy to have these two cats in our home, and they seem to be enjoying themselves too. It's true: when your cat is happy, you do feel like a better person.

(Photos will follow, when klik has had time to clean up my crappy snaps.)
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