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For the past five days, I have been sneezing like mad. My throat ached and I had a runny nose, along with a slight fever. Upto now, I have never had hayfever, but apparently it's possible to 'grow out' of it -- which means that it's also possible to 'grow into' it. Friends and colleagues have given me ample anecdotal evidence of that fact.
I have a very agressive immune system: I'm hardly ever ill, but when I get ill (flu, mostly), I get very ill. Luckily, the immune system is also very effective. I get high fevers (which pretty much destroys my concentration and mental facilities), and all I can do is lie in bed trying to sweat it out. Two days later, I'm already up and about.

So, now this hayfever thing. Hayfever is (if I understand correctly), like any allergic reaction, your immune system deciding it doesn't particularly like these pollen and it wants them out. But I also thought that, as long as the pollen are about, the allergic reactions persist. And my condition has been steadily getting better...
So I'm wondering whether it really was hayfever or a small spring flu...

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