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Welcome home!

Today I went to a client that I did a lot of work for 2 years ago, but haven't visited for quite some time -- might even be six months since I last went there.
They have a security guy who does his job with flourish. I stepped into the door, he gave me a wide grin and called out: "Mr. Ragas! It's been a while. Welcome home!"

That seriously made my day. A guy like that single-handedly changes your company culture for the better.

(Back at the beginning of our work for them, klik and me would be there together, for our respective parts of the project. Then klik was done but my stuff wasn't finished yet. And then, towards the end of the project, we had reason to be there together again. We stepped into the door, and this security guy grinned at us and called out: "Ah! Finally they're together again!")
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