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Adventures in bookbinding: Pocket conversion

Colleague R. wanted to gift a book with a very specialised subject matter to a friend who graduated on that field of research. But he wanted to personalise his gift by making a new cover for it, with a photo of him and another friend posing as scientists on this subject. Naturally, I was willing to do the hard work for him!

The book, ripped out of the original cover. From the title you can see that it is a rather specialised field of research!

The book was perfect bound, so it came out of the cover after the application of some force. (I think "perfect bound" is a rather bad mis-nomer...)

I needed endpapers to put the book block in the spine (which the paperback didn't need, of course). R. had requested a specific image on the endpaper, and I had 'elephant skin paper' with a blueish tint which would fit perfectly with the blue on the cover. But here you see that we had a bit of trouble: the book is larger than A5 size, which means that the endpapers would have to be larger than A4 (because an endpaper is twice the size of the book). And of course all the printers we have access to on a Sunday print only on A4!

We solved this by cutting the endpaper as wide as an A3 and folding that in half to get the width of A4. The actual endpaper would have to be narrower, but we could always trim that down. We used paper repair tape to keep the fold closed and fed the sheet through the manual feed on the printer.

The result of the printing, not yet cut to the correct size. It took a lot of thinking on which side of the sheet we should print on, getting the measurements right etcetera. But: it worked out!

Time to make the boards for the cover! Back and front are 2mm thick board, the spine is manilla. I measured the thickness of the bookblock with my slide measure and used that to get the spine board to the exact measurements -- precise within 0.1 mm!

The boards glued onto the spine linen. I used a light blue, again to go with the cover.

The front of the cover.

Fitting the bookblock inside the cover. Seems to work well!

Fitting the front cover. R. had supplied a very low-resolution PDF with a horribly bad photo which we just couldn't get out of the color printer withouth it looking like one big yellow smear. klik spent quite a bit of time photoshopping the shit out of the covers to get them right. Then it was a question of finding the right size for the cover and carefully measure everything out.
This step took the most time: we've spent hours getting this right. R. is the one on the left, by the way. :)

The completed cover.

Then it was time to get to work on the book block. Here I glued blue/white headband to the block.

With the endpaper attached to the book block.

Ready to glue everything together!

The book in the press. Tomorrow morning it'll be done!
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