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Price calculations

klik wanted a new bottle of perfume, because she had run out of her favourite scent. She wanted a big(ger) bottle than before, so that she wouldn't run out for some time. Today we went into a specialised perfume store (which perhaps was a bad decision on the Saturday just before Sinterklaas, but whatever).
She selected a 100 ml bottle which costs EUR 80. But there were also gift sets with a 30 ml bottle and a tube of body lotion for EUR 20 -- 50% off, a good deal. We did some math and decided that the 30ml bottle for EUR 20 was a better deal than a 100ml bottle for EUR 80. And you even get the body lotion included!

But what about running out too soon? We just got three of these gift sets, for a total of 90ml for EUR 60. And then we had the store lady wrap them all up as gifts because we were too embarassed to admit that we just bought three gift sets for our own use. :P
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