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New anime

We've been checking the first episodes of new anime again...

We watched Koi Kaze. It's a 'slowmance' (romantic story with a very slow-moving plot). Main character is Kouichirou, a 27-year old clerk at a matchmaking agent. His girlfriend broke up with him, because he just didn't seem to care about their relationship anymore. He's malcontent with himself and his feelings. Then he meets the cute Nanoka, a middle-school student.
Due to various circumstances, they end up visiting an amusement park together (though poor Kouichirou's stomach has trouble with most of the rides), and they open up to eachother, talking about their innermost feelings.
It's very romantic and cute, but there is a twist: they turn out to be brother and sister! Their parents divorced, and they haven't seen eachother for 5 years.
I'm a sucker for slowmance, but with this added complication, things are bound to get interesting. Visual style is beautiful too, and no fanservice is sight: it all has a very sincere atmosphere to it. I like that.

We also saw Mahou Shoujotai. It's about a girl who, by some freak accident, enters a magical world, populated by witches. She is caught, and two witches her age are given the task to look after her.
The visual style is... ugly. The story is confused, and not that interesting. We won't be watching it.

Next was Pugyuru. When a schoolgirl comes back home, she finds her parents gone -- they're off on a cruise and don't know when they'll be back (or so they say via the telephone). They've hired a maid, Pugyuru, who promptly appears. She says she is from the 'Maid Kingdom', and seems to be made out of rubber or something like that.
This series is ugly and features stupid slapstick humour. The only good thing about it, is that each episode is only three and a half minutes long.

The next series in line was Le Portrait de Petit Cossette. It's about a boy who works in an antiques shop. In the reflections of a venetian glass, he sees the life and times of a young girl who lived a hundred years ago, named Cossette. He gets more and more obssessed with her and her life.
When he finds a portrait of her, things start to get even weirder: in a vision, he kills Cossette and drinks her blood from the glass. Then he turns into a monster, and all sorts of nasty stuff happens.
Creepy, beautifully animated, great visuals. It's an OVA apparently, and each episode is about 37 minutes long -- this gives the animators enough time to really build up the tension!

Finally, there was Sensei no Ojikan. Main character is a teacher who is awfully small (every student of hers is at least a head taller than she is), and the weird students she has in her class.
Tries desperately to be like Azumanga Daioh, but it pales in comparison. Azumanga is still the king (pun intended) of comedy school series.
Watch it if you must, we'll be watching other stuff.

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