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Inbetween working on the story I'm going to send in for the writer's book, I have been busy soldering the components for the programmer on a bit of board. We've made the programmer on our breadboard before, but since it worked anyway, I wanted to solder it together for a more permanent circuit.
It's this circuit, you'll notice that my version looks a bit different, but that is because I have little experience with board layouts. Next time, I'll solder the 100uF condensator on the board last, because it was impossible to turn the board over and solder it comfortably afterwards...
I've just verified it, and it works, so that's good. We'll probably make something about tiny strips of MDF to house it in.

I've decided that, to get used to programming the PIC (I now have a PIC16F84A and two PIC16F628A's) and with designing circuits, I will build a binary LED clock. Mine will probably look a lot less spiffy than the one ThinkGeek is selling, but at least it'll be mine.
Looking forward to that...

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