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Finished series: Accel World

We've finished watching Accel World. My first episode review is here.

Haruyuki is a fat kid who gets bullied by his classmates to buy them lunch. Only in the VR world (where is avatar is a pig) is he nimble and fast. Using his neuro-link (a neural interface terminal that is worn on the neck), he plays racketball and gets all the highscores. Then one day, he is approached by a senior, who has a proposal for him. He meets up with her, and she gives him a program called 'Burst Link'. This allows him to 'accelerate' his mind, making several minutes take a mere second in the real world. Together, the defeat his bully.
It turns out that 'Burst Link' is actually a fighting game, with your avatar granting you your deepest wishes. If you beat opponents, you earn points which you can use to level up. But accelerating uses up points as well, and they're quite useful in the real world as well: accelerating gives you a decisive advantage in kendo tournaments, for instance! And so there is a group of people who is out to gather as many points as possible.

And so begins an a-typical fighting anime, because it has two layers. In the first layer, within the game, there's all the trappings of the fighting genre: enemies with escalating powers, secret techniques that need to be learned in order to beat them, friendship and betrayal... And there is the layer of the real world, which influences what happens within the game and vice versa. Apart from that novelty, the themes are the same as you have seen in other anime of the same genre.
It's interesting to see what they've done with the concept, but it doesn't treaad any new territory. And while the CGI is lush and the forms of the enemies are fun, it's simply just another fighting anime. I'll give it a 7.5 for the slight novelty value.
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