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More new anime

Some more new series this season:

Busou Shinki: Small autonomous robots, who can materialise weapons to fight each other! They exist to serve their master (who, in this case, is a recent returnee who attends highschool). They do cute things, and then get into a fight with another doll, and then get back home again! And not much of consequence happened all day!
Cute fluff with guns, light on story (so far).

Girls und Panzer: This is a sports anime, plain and simple: there's the young talent from a family who are very succesfull at the sport who tried to get away from it, there's a huge tournament coming up, and there's a group of spirited newbies who want to reach the finals! Except that the sport in question is... tank battles. By highschool girls. On huge aircraft carriers. You know, as you do.
Still, because it treats its subject matter completely serious, it works. And hey, highschool girl sports teams, that's always cool. Though I'm not too enthused about the scarcely-hidden nazi symbolism like iron crosses and stuff like that. Japan has a bit of a bad track record with that... And the random German interjected in the subtitle track didn't work for me either.

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb: More Hidamari Sketch! We've loved the previous series, and this is more of the same -- so we'll love this one too.

K: Mysterious groups with mysterious powers compete against each other in an urban setting, amongst a 'normal' population. Shiro, who hangs around a highschool situated on an island, gets chased by these gangs when he leaves school to pick up an order of fireworks for the school festival -- he looks like some bad guy from way back!
From the first episode, it's not exactly clear what's going on. What is clear, is that this series oozes with budget: animated backgrounds, animated background characters, lush visual style, great visual effects... And the story seemed interesting as well, if the how and why gets cleared up soon.

Psycho Pass: In the future, you get constantly scanned for criminal tendencies. If you get stressed out, you are classified as a 'potential future criminal', which means that you can get arrested. If you flee, then you get chased by other potential criminals who are given dispensation (with the reasoning that it takes one to know one). And if your 'potential criminal'-rating gets high enough, you get eliminated. The guns these people wield measure your psychic well-being and automatically switch between not firing (for upstanding citizens), paralysis and elimination... Kogami gets on her first job, and sees how the system works: killing stressed out people instead of counseling them.
Extremely well-made. It reminded me of the RPG setting of Paranoia, where 'happiness is mandatory' and surveillance is everywhere. It all sounds sci-fi, but we already have CCTV systems that automatically tag 'suspicious' individuals. This is required viewing for all people who say that you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

Teekyu: Short episodes, gags that make no sense, horribly drawn. How did this get on air?

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: Mizutani just wants to get into a good college and to be left alone in the meantime. But then she gets roped into bringing some paperwork to a delinquent student who got suspended during the first day at school because he got into a fight! Turns out this Yoshida is prone to violence and keeps the wrong friends. Against her better judgement, Mizutani exposes his mistakes to him, and he latches onto her like a puppy... Not what she wanted, to say the least!
I like how totally unfazed Mizutani is when faced with Yoshida's outbursts -- her frank view on things is exactly what he needs. I'm not sure that Yoshida is exactly what Mizutani needs, but we'll see how it goes!

Zetsuen no Tempest: A clan of magicians is working on something sinister, which turns people into metal. Their princess, the most powerful magician amongst them, protests and is stranded on an uninhabited island to keep her from interfering. Through magic, she recruits Mahiro and makes a deal with him: he will help her put a stop the nefarious plans of her minions, and she will help him kill the murderer of his sister. His friend gets caught up in all of this, too!
Supernatural shounen stuff, with probably a lot of fighting involved.

Uchurei: A creature comes out of a UFO. The boy thinks it's an alien, the girl thinks it's a ghost. So they settle on it being a space ghost! And then the episode is thankfully over.

Gokicha: Cockroach girls: A girl cockroach moves to Hokkaido from Tokyo and reminisces on her life there as opposed to her life here. A bit pointless.

Chunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai: This girl is quite a bit of a boaster -- others simply ignore what she says. This boy helps her out for a bit, so she doesn't do as badly at volleyball anymore. And then the next gym class they switch to basketball, making all her effort for naught!
All through the episode, I was left wondering what the point was. It also doesn't help that I didn't feel any sympathy for the female lead.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: Mahiro lives in the Sakurasou dorm -- where all the misfits are housed. He shares the dorm mainly with various oversexed seniors and a teacher. Mahiro doesn't really fit in: he just lives there so he could keep his cat, because the other dorms have a no-pet policy. Then the niece of the teacher comes to live in Sakurasou, and Mahiro is selected to be her caretaker -- she turns out to be quite a handful!
The other characters are a bit over the top, but it'll be fun to see how Mahiro will deal with the responsibility of keeping another pet. Perhaps he will learn to see past the outside and see the worth in his dorm-mates.

Code:Breaker: Sakura's new classmate Rei turns out to be some sort of magician who can set other people on fire. She saw him do his thing in a park one night, and when she returns to the scene of the crime, she gets into trouble with the survivors.
There's some foreshadowing of a Grand Plot, but this first episode had so much violence and so little plot that it turned me off.

Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter: AI cars have made the roads much safer, and every drives -- including little kids! Then one day, Kakeru gets a special red car to save the AI car drivers of an attacking set of black cars! And his car transforms into a fighting robot!
Kid's series, where every sentence ends with an exclamation mark! It's completely stupid! But I'm also a bit jealous that my Prius doesn't transform into a mecha like that -- imagine the fun we'd have!

Little Busters!: This group of four friends used to hang out after school, getting into trouble. They called themselves the Little Busters! And now they're high school students, about to go their separate ways. So their 'leader' decides that they will perform one last feat together: they will form a baseball team!
Interesting story of friendship, and it'll be amusing to see how the 'spontaneous' plans of the leader work out.

Robotics;Notes: The highschool Robotics Club has a dream: to build a working replica of a mecha from an anime from some time ago. However, the club has only two members -- and the president is the only one who is a all enthused about the idea. Kaito would rather play his fighting games...
There are, of course, other anime featuring high school clubs with big ambitions. But this is pretty novel, and the characters are amusing!
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