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Back from London

We're back from London. Some observations:

- Going by Eurostar train is comfortable, easy and quite cost-effective (if you book some time in advance). Yes, there is security screening, but it's nothing like the screening for airplanes. We could take our lunch (including a liter of water) with us on the train. We could each take two suitcases with us, as well as a handbag. You do not have to relinquish control of your luggage to others. You arrive (and leave) right at London city center, with the underground mere steps away. Next time, we'll take the train again.

- Booking an apartment instead of a hotel is totally worth it. Yes, it's more expensive, but having a comfortable couch and a full kitchen makes it so much easier to 'decompress' when getting back to your home base. And the maid comes only once per week, so you don't get bothered at all and can leave your stuff out just the way you want to. The added option of cooking your evening meals or even having them delivered to your apartment is nice too - though we didn't use it.

- I'm very impressed with the free museums in London. We've visited both the Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Both are free, but ask a (voluntary) donation of GBP 3, which is a paltry sum for what you get. Sure, there are extra exhibitions that you might have to buy a ticket for, but the regular collection is big enough to keep you interested for the whole day.

- Somehow, it turned out to be impossible for us to see St. Paul's.

- Greenwich is a lovely place to visit. There's the park and the Royal Observatory, but the village itself is also nice with quirky stores and cafes.
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