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Finished series: Jormungand

We've finished watching Jormungand. My first episode review is here.

Koko Hekmatyar is an arms dealer -- it's the family trade, so to speak. She has a team of 'specialists' with her, to help her on her way. One of them is a recent recruit: Jonah, a child soldier who hates weapons and arms dealers. But Koko and her crew treat him like an equal when they're on the job, so he can relax among them -- finding his place, so to speak.
Of course, being an arms dealer lands you in all sorts of interesting situations: delivering weapons into a war zone, being chased by assassins, being out-manoevered during an arms deal... Sometimes the solution is the application of violence, but more often than not Koko uses her wits to get out of any sticky situations. It also helps that she decided not to be afraid of the wares she deals in. The whole thing gave me the same vibe as Black Lagoon: scheming, shady deals and blazing guns when it's needed. Koko's crew is a little more stable than the Black Lagoon crew, though they do have their moments... A lot of time is also devoted to the background of the members of the team, which rounds out their characters quite nicely. Koko remains enigmatic, though -- and I found it interesting to see that her character design references a kitsune, the Japanese trickster fox spirit...

The series ends quite abruptly, though: right in the middle of the set-up for some shady deal. Either the show was canceled and the writers didn't know in advance, or the scenario follows the manga religiously and just ran out of episodes. It did gave us a major WTF moment.

It's an enjoyable series, if you enjoy that kind of thing. If you liked Black Lagoon, you'll like this one too. I'll give it a 7.
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