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Farewell Calcifer, hello Teto

Wednesday, I went to the post office to pick up my new desktop machine, which I have named Teto (which you all know is the fox-squirrel that accompanies Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind). It's a dual-core Atom (with hyperthreading, so the system monitor shows four cores) and it came with 2GB of RAM. It just so happened that I had bought another 2GB stick when I thought that the RAM was the cause of Calcifer's crashes -- and the motherboard has a second SODIMM-slot, so now the machine has 4GB of RAM. Not that it needs it, but hey.
The box is tiny, much smaller and lighter than Calcifer. It has a shiny black exterior, which I like a lot. Unfortunately, it has only place for a 2.5" HDD, so I couldn't plug in Calcifer's HDD and be done with it -- I had to do a re-install of Ubuntu.

The system is pretty responsive. I'm quite pleased with it. Video is still choppy though -- but at least it's possible to identify the video, which was not even possible on Calcifer.
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