Hein (fub) wrote,

Short update

Since my last post, not much post-worthy happened. We've been working on the reception album for luna_puella and J.'s wedding -- obviously we're not posting pics of that until after the event! And now we're busy with doing the same for colleague J.'s wedding, which is in two weeks. (I might post pics of that in a friends-locked entry, because none of my LJ-friends is going to be there.)

Other than that, I've had random crashes on my desktop, which is pretty frustrating. At first I thought I had installed some dodgy package which destabilised the whole Ubuntu install, but even trying to re-install from USB-stick gave immediate problems. I've run memtest86 twice now, and that crapped out on me too -- so my current hypothesis is that it's the memory module that has succumbed to bit-rot. (Even blowing the dust out of the case didn't help!)
So I'll try to pop into a computer store today to get a new memory module -- by now, my desktop is considered old, and the memory hardly costs anything anymore. I hope that will fix it...
Tags: linux

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