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Finished series: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

We've finished watching Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. My first episode review is here.

Teiichi's school is the only highschool in a mining boomtown. The school expanded rapidly, so new buildings were constructed in rather quick succession -- but now, with the boom over, most of the old buildings stand empty, only being used for storage. Ghost stories abound, mostly focussing on the ghost of a girl called Yuko. It turns out that there is indeed a ghost called Yuko at school, and she is indeed behind most of the supernatural occurrences. And it turns out that Teiichi can see and touch her -- which delights her, because most people simply ignore her.
Yuko is a total tease who delights in embarassing Teiichi (and since others can't see her, she has ample opportunity to do so).
Yuko and Teiichi create the Supernatural Research Club, and soon attract two other members: Momoe, who has the hots for Teiichi and can't see Yuko, and Kirie, who is the granddaughter of Yuko's sister and who can see her (and is eternally annoyed at the way Yuko behaves around Teiichi). Together they research the various spooky legends -- and often find that Yuko is behind them.

[But that is not all]It turns out that Yuko has forgotten why she is there. Sure, her body is underneath the club room, but she forgot how she got there and what keeps her being a ghost. It turns out that she has split off all her unpleasant memories into 'Shadow Yuko', a double who has all the unpleasantness thrust upon her. A bit like a split personality, but then ghost-like.
Teiichi gets 'infected' by Shadow Yuko, and finds out how she died. Through some hefty counseling, Yuko decides to embrace her unpleasant side as well, and becomes whole again.

Looks pretty nice -- a lot of attention went into the backgrounds and the lighting of the scenes, which gives it a great feel. Voice acting is pretty good as well.
However, I just couldn't get enthused by Yuko's personality: she is a total brat. And while the seemingly unconnected ghost stories get all pulled together in Yuko's origin story, there were no real surprising turns in the plot -- it's all pretty straight-forward.
We wanted to see this because of the first episode. Unfortunately, the first episode is (in my opinion) the best episode of the series.

I'll give it a 6.5 -- just scraping by.
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