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RPG itches

Reading Magic Knight Rayearth (which is excellent CLAMPy goodness, by the way) makes me feel like running a fantasy RPG campaign. But when would I do this? It's hard to get a group together semi-regularly. I'm already in a bi-weekly group that convenes on Wednesday evenings, and I'm not sure I could take on another group. Or maybe I can -- but where do I get players (that I like)?

Buh. Maybe I should plot a (short) campaign, like an anime TV series, and write up a detailed description of the world and the role the characters would play in it, and try to attract (local) players when I'm sure I have something to offer.

(There's also the possibility of pitching my idea to the local gaming club, as part of the 'rotation RPG' sessions, but you can't choose your players there, and there are people I definately don't want to game with.)

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