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Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate: In a school with a corrupt student council (which prompts investigative journalism after which the journalist gets run over!) there is the 'Food Research Club' -- basically a bunch of kids trying out various types of candy and pastry. The current student council president is forced to resign, and the two main candidates are a creepy guy who tries to buy votes and a super-prim girl who vows to get rid of all the 'unnecessary clubs', which of course includes the Food Research Club! So the club launches a campaign for their own candidate, to prevent them from being disbanded.
Oh, did I mention all members are female, and only the candidate is male? Yeah, it's that kind of a series.

Myv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse: Aliens known as the BETA have invaded Earth. They completely overrun us, so it's been total war the last 30 years with humans falling back more and more. Now, Japan is on the frontline and a group of girls gets trained to pilot mecha suits. When the inevitable attack comes, they are stationed at an ammo depot as garrison, but due to the totally inadequate equipment of the humans, the frontlines get overrun (such a surpise -- no-one could have foreseen that after it happening the last 30 years...) and they find themselves forced to fight.
It's pretty bleak, and the first episode is spent infodumping. We couldn't care for any of the characters. Also, I don't understand why anyone could think that the 'ultimate defense line' would hold if human (weapons-)technology has proven completely inadequate before.

Tanken Driland: Fantasy anime, set in the kingdom of Drilan, which seems relatively peaceful -- as opposed to the monster-infested desert outside of its borders. Princess Mikoto would love to be an adventurer, and spends lots of her time getting swordfighting lessons from the hunter Bonny. But an ill wind starts to blow, and Bonny leaves. The princess decides to go after her and crawls into a dungeon, where she finds more than she bargained for.
It's pretty standard FCRPG stuff -- it is based on a cellphone game, after all. The character designs take some getting used to: the proportions are super-deformed, but the faces are all non-SD. It was too vanilla for my tastes.

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai: Ryosuke is a total lech, and he's not ashamed of it. So he's pretty honest complimenting girls about their bust size and all that. Then one day, he gets contracted by Lisara, a grim reaper. She leeches energy off him, but when they get into a fight (something to do with hunter spirits), she uses up all Ryosuke's energy -- until he gets an accidental hold on her boobies and his will to live (and hence his life energy) returns in force, allowing Lisara to win the fight!

Hakuoki Reimeiroku: Ibuki gets picked up by a samurai when he lies half-dead at the side of the road to the capital. He recovers in a villa filled with some group of poor samurai who are scheming something (this is about the Shinsengumi, after all). Ibuki then gets forced to serve the samurai who saved him, who unfortunately has an abrasive personality...
This is totally a reverse harem series, but there is no female lead (yet). It didn't appeal to use all that much, seemed a bit bland.

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imoto ga Iru!: Shogo is about to inherit the Mikadono conglomerate from his father, but on his dying bed he put a condition on his legacy. Shogo has to find a girl to marry at school. And so Shogo transfers to a co-ed school, where he meets lots of ladies who seem to be interested in him. But he also learns that he has a younger sister, who also attends his school, who wants to marry him too.
It's like the writers had a meeting to discuss how they could make something that would appeal to both the harem anime crowd as well as the people with younger sister complexes. No, these are not two great tastes that go great together.

Choyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi: Based on the 100 classical poems that are used in the game of Karuta (remember Chihayafuru?), the episodes tell the stories behind the (romantic) poems. This offers a glimpse of romantic (court-)life in the Heian period. If you liked the tale of Genji, you'll get a kick out of this one too.
I liked the style, and I like the view into the culture of Heian-period Japan. The circumstances behind the poems are interesting to see.

And this concludes my reviews for the season! OK, there are second seasons for series that we didn't watch (like Dog Days, YuruYuri and Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere), but we didn't watch the first episodes of those series for obvious reasons.
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