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Scenes from my life

- I was at a client today. The topic turned to vacations (it's that time of the year again), and someone said: "Well, I take three weeks leave here, and then tell them back home that I have two weeks of vacation. That leaves me one week to spend on myself!"

- On the way back, I saw a traffic accident happen right behind me. I had just overtaken a green BMW in the bend where the A50 joins the A12, coming from the north. A few hundred meters later, I saw a sudden movement in my rear-view mirror, so I looked at what happened. I saw the car carreen from the left lane to the right lane, bounce off the soft shoulder, bounce back onto the highway backwards, hit the partition on the left side of the road, and stop in the middle lane, where it got broadsided by another car that was thankfully braking. I drove on, but behind me everyone stopped because they were behind the accident. I just hope that the people in the car are OK -- but half an hour later I heard that only the left lane was closed, so it can't have been all that bad.
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