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Jul. 15th, 2012 @ 08:04 pm Finished series: Acchi Kocchi
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We've finished watching Acchi Kocchi. My first episode review is here.

There's actually not much to tell about the series. It's a character-driven 'slowmance' between the short and cute Tsumiki and the kind Io. Everyone around them knows Miniwa is smitten with the popular Io, and he cares deeply for her -- but they keep themselves 'friend-zoned'. Their friends (the loose cannon Mayoi, the cute Hime and the prankster Sakaki) sometimes make fun of them, on which occasions Tsumiki shows that she packs quite a punch in her small frame (which almost always ends up badly for Mayoi).
It's cute, inconsequential fluff. Every episode features two complete stories/situations, so there's enough time to milkexplore the characters in a certain situation. Thus it's not only quick-fire gags or endless sessions of characters sitting around talking -- there is quite a variety in situations and locations. This means that you get to know/understand the characters, which is the best kind of fluff, IMO. In that respect, it's a kin to K-ON or Minami-ke, to name something.
Another strong point is that the guys are actual characters with actual motivations. They're not just some backdrop for the girls' talk. All five main characters are well-developed, and the supporting characters are distinct and non-generic too.

We enjoyed it, but if you want any sort of action or plot in your anime, you'll be dissapointed by this one. I'll give it a 7,5.
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