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Time for some reviews of the new anime this season!

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita: Translated that's "humanity has declided". The population has dropped, and food is hard to come by. The fairies have appeared, and they are thriving -- they are slowly replacing humanity as the dominant life-form. The protagonist is a girl who has been assigned as an 'ambassador' of sorts: she feeds the fairies sweets (they like that) and they help humanity. It all looks quite kiddy, but the dark humour takes an adult mind to appreciate. Definately one to watch!

Kokoro Connect: At a private high school, all students are required to attend a club. Five students fall through the cracks of the system, and they form the 'cultural research club'. And then they start switching bodies, hilarity ensues.
The five characters are all quite distinct, but they fill the various stereotypes. It's fun to see the physical and speech mannerisms of one character in the body/voice of another one. I expect this to be total otaku-bait, but it could be interesting.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous: Rokka runs a flower shop. And Ryosuke is in love with her, buying a small plant from her almost every day. Then a part-time position opens up and he starts to work for her. One day he runs in Rokka's husband. He is dead, and floats around the house and the shop as a ghost. No-one can see him but Ryosuke, but he decides to confess his love to Rokka regardless of the snarky ghost standing in his way.
We totally loved this one. Grown-up slowmance with an amusing twist, what's not to like?

Sword Art Online: The first MMO to make use of a special neural interface is Sword Art Online, a game that focusses on swordplay (and it doesn't have magic). Kiriko managed to get into the beta test, so when the game is officially opened, he has a bit of an advantage over the other players. And then the maker of the game (who also designed the neural interface) summons them all to the beginner city and tells them that they can't log out. If someone tries to remove the helmet, it will fry their brain and kill them. If they die in the game: the same. The only way to get released is to complete the game...
It's totally like .hack//SIGN, except nobody can log out and there's an evil genius. Even the music is by Yuki Kajiura! And it's interesting to see what will happen...

Tari Tari: At a school that has a separate music department, Konatsu is a general education student who joined the choir club. However, she is not allowed to sing and must assist the pianist. When she asks the teacher to sing, since this is her last year of highschool and it's thus her "last chance", she is bluntly rejected. She quits the club and decides to try and created her own singing club! But she needs five members in order to be recognised...
K-On, but with singing. But I liked K-On, so we'll watch this one too. :)

Campione!: Godo is sent to deliver a stone tablet to an acquaintance of his grandfather's in Italy. It turns out to be a grimoire, and he meets a girl who wants this grimoire to prevent gods from appearing and wrecking her island while they fight. The grimoire allows Godo to steal the powers of a god, which allows him to join in the fight!
So... it's pokemon, but with ancient gods who appear at random... Add the tsundere girl of the Order Of Something-or-Other, and you get a bland mess.
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