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The pursuit of cute

Last year, the Japanese spent more money on character goods than they did on books. It is indeed a huge industry -- every town, region, historical landmark and company has their own mascot. Or they pay Sanrio to make a special edition of Hello Kitty, like that time that we saw a Hello Kitty version in Hakone that was styled like the eggs that were prepared in the solphators (boiling sulphuric mud)...
When we're somewhere, I always try to find a pin of the local mascot. I have quite the collection but unfortunately not every mascot is on a pin -- it's all about the phone-straps, apparently.

(Also, make sure to check out the photos with the article. I liked the one of the boy posing with his head in between the teeth of the 'melon bear'. Most mascots don't have 'threatening' features such as tusks...)
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