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Casual viewing and Crunchyroll

While we watch a lot of anime, sometimes we feel like watching something 'light' and 'casual'. Something semi-episodic to watch on a weekend evening with an alcoholic beverage of your choice, to simply relax on the couch and watch the screen. We've been using Crunchyroll for that: they have a large library of anime (and drama), and they even 'simulcast' new episodes of their series.
It started off with 'Folktales from Japan', because no-one is subbing that, so I couldn't torrent it. But when we were caught up with that, we switched to 'Polar Bear Café', which is also fun and low-key. Somewhere in between, I bought a membership to the site. I'm not sure the creators see a lot of my monthly fee, but at least it's all legal and so I guess some licensing fees must find their way back to Japan.

Now I got a notification that I have a 48-hour all-access guest pass to give to a friend, so that they can try out the paid features of the site for free. If you're interested, leave a comment and I'll see to it that you get the access code!
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