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This afternoon, I took klik to her sesshin -- a type of zen retreat. She's doing a course to become a zen teacher, and this is one of the things you have to do to get past the first stage. I've looked through the programme, and I'm not jealous of her: get up at 5:00 and basically do a lot of meditating until 22:45... It's going to be hard work for her, but I think it'll be good for her as well -- she gets a lot of benefit from her other zen activities.
However, we were both not looking forward to spending a week apart. We're always together, and we like it that way.

I didn't look forward to working this week and then coming home to an empty house. So I took the week off as well. But normally, when klik isn't at home, I pretty much don't to anything. And I didn't look forward to laying around on the couch for a whole week. So I decided to set myself a goal as well: I want to print and bind a book in this single week.
We've made a stack of 19 lino cuts, and babarage is writing haiku to go with them. The end result will be an A5-sized booklet with on each page a linocut and the haiku in Gill Sans, bound in a pamphlet.

Today, I finished the first page. I now have the general set-up, and I aim to do at least four print runs per day! If you can read Dutch, you can follow my progress on my printing site, or friend drukgedoe here on LJ.
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