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Bonus skillpoints in pcgen

We're playing in a Pathfinder campaign: a friend of ours is running our group through the Jade Regent adventure path. We play about once a month.
I use pcgen to keep track of our characters -- the D&D 3.5 character building and advancement rules are inconsequent and confusing (and Pathfinder could be considered D&D 3.75), and the program runs me through all the necessary steps. Jade Regent has been added to the rule sets of pcgen, so all the special rules and settings are available.

We're currently level 4. Last session, we got a bonus skill point for a Crafting skill. Of course you can note that down on your character sheet, but when you gain a level, you get the number of skill points to spend that are according to the rules -- excluding the bonus skill point. That's a bit of a problem, and I want to keep using pcgen for the administration of the characters, because I'm too lazy to learn the confusing character advancement rules.

Digging through the documentation, I found how I could configure the Jade Regent ruleset to add a skillpoint for when we advance to level 5. I added the following line (or rule -- the Dutch word 'regel' can mean both) to the file jade_regent_players_guide.pcc:


(Which means: give a single bonus skillpoint for level 5.)

I'm not sure that my regular readers have any use for this information, but it's here mostly for future reference.
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