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"Hasui!" "Gesundheid!"

Some time ago, I bid on a woodblock print by Hasui in an auction. For some reason, we really like his style: clear lines, and the dusk, rain and snow scenes that he is famour for make his prints unique. The print I bid on was pretty neat and a lot cheaper than the other Hasui prints they had. For a long time, my bid was the highest, but of course in the last hour we got over-bid. We went into a small bidding war, but we decided that enough was enough and let it go.

Of course, I was dissapointed. So I did what any sensible person would do: I bought a different Hasui print. And I added another print by a 20th century artist to my order, for good measure.

The Hasui print. It's the Silver Pavillion in Kyoto, in snow. Lovely details and colors on this one. And we've been here before, so we know the place.

A detail. Check out the coloring on the umbrellas, and the detailing of the clothing!

The 'extra' print, by Yoshida. This is the gate to the inner sanctum of the Tokugawa shrine in Nikko, in 1940. (We've been there too...) It's about half as big as the Hasui print, which makes the detailing even more impressive. The colors are a little bit more muted, though.

The prints are currently being framed!

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