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More new anime

Accel World: Haruyuki is the ideal target for bullying: small, portly and insecure. Only when he activates his 'neurolinker' to play around in cyberspace -- there, he is fast and strong. Then one day, he is approached by the girl whose avatar is 'black snow princess', the absolute queen bee of the school. She offers him a software package that will accellerate his brain...
Even if you have a neural data link, kids will still be kids -- and they will find ways to torment others, away from the camera's of the grown-ups. But they will equally find ways to make the most of the tools they have been given. This looks like the Law of Unintended Consequences in full swing. It doesn't look too bad (though Haruyuki's character design is way too cartoonish for the rest of the setting), and I like the transhumanist themes.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Teiichi is a member of his school's supernatural club. And it just so happens that the school is haunted: by a girl who died long ago, in the school. Her body is still somewhere in the school building, but she forgot all about what happened. Teiichi is the only one who can see her. Meanwhile, she relentlessly teases him: finally someone whom she can manipulate!
So, there's this developing relationship between a boy and a ghost girl, including some fanservice. But the writers make the most of it: the first episode shows the same events twice: once from the viewpoint of a girl who can't see the ghost, and once from the viewpoint of Teiichi. Well-executed comey with a serious undertone.

Tsuritama: Yuki is a bit of a loner: his grandmother likes to move around, and that coupled with Yuki's bad communication skills, he never makes any real friends. They move to Enoshima. There he meets his classmate Haru, who says he's an alien. Whenever Haru uses his water pistol on Yuki and their grumpy classmate Natsuki, they end up doing whatever Haru just suggested. Even though the three are quite dissimilar, they spend the afternoon together on the suggestion of Haru.
This one's weird too, but the good kind of weird. Haru is cheerful and positive -- just what loner Yuki and gruff Natsuki need. The setting is quite colorful and the animation well-executed. And it's a Noitamina series to boot.

Space Brothers: Mutta and Hibito saw a UFO fly over when they were young, and promised each other to go into space together. Now Hibito is a NASA astronaut, while Mutta, the older brother, just got laid off for headbutting his boss... While Hibito is undergoing final training to go to the moon, Mutta is living with his parents and working odd jobs like a regular loser -- even though he is the eldest, and thus should be the one to protect his younger brother! And then, one day, an application for the astronaut training program for the Japanese space program is delivered... They might go into space together yet!
Great stuff: the difference between the two brothers couldn't be bigger. But there's also this sense of optimism, and you want them to succeed in the end!

Upotte!!: Remember the OS-tans, where every OS was personified in a cute anime-style character, complete with matching personalities? Well, suppose you do the same for assault rifles, and make them middle school girls. That shoot guns.
Who thought this up? Who thought it would be cool to add some ecchiness to it? And who OK'ed the project to make an anime of it? The mind boggles.

Sengolu Collection: Suppose the generals from the sengoku era turned out to be (busty) females, and they were transported to modern-day Japan? What if, indeed...
Pretty standard fare. Not actively bad, but it has nothing to make it stand out in the sea of mediocre anime with 'girl transported to unfamiliar world' theme.

Natsuiro Kiseki: Four girls have been friends all their lives. But when one of them moves away, she doesn't tell the others to prevent drama. Of course, the truth comes out and the drama between them happens anyway. And then they make a wish on stone behind a shrine, which is rumoured to grant wishes. And lo and behold: a miracle occurs!
Slow-paced drama about the friendship between four girls, set in a rural town, with a little sprinkling of magic. What's not to like?

And this concludes my reviews of the spring 2012 season!
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