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More new anime

Hiiro no Kakera: Tamaki is called back to her grandmother's house -- officially because her parents' work, but really because she needs to become the next shrine maiden who keeps all sorts of supernatural nasties at bay! She doesn't get any of it, but luckily there are five hot boys who are sworn to protect her!
So it's a total reverse harem, with a main character who is about as clueless as the male leads in 'regular' harem anime... Not too enthusiastic about this one.

A-Channel + smile: OVA based on the A-Channel TV series. Looks slightly more polished, but it's more of the same. If you liked that, you'll like this, simple as that.

Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to iu Onna: A Lupin TV series focussing on his relationship/rivalry with Fujiko. Their first meeting is in the compound of a religious sect. The leader has some sort of treasure, and both Lupin and Fujiko are after it. They have to outwit both the guards and each other -- sometimes Fujiko ends up on top, sometimes Lupin wins. (But in the end, neither gets the treasure they're after...)
The visuals are lush and it has that groovy 60's feel about it. I disliked Fujiko disrobing at the drop of a hat, though. And in the end, we just weren't that interested.

Ozma: Global warming happened, and all the oceans turned into quicksand deserts. Sam rides an airbike, looking for a mythical sand-whale, when he sees a girl being chased by battle cruisers. Sam saves her and takes her to his friends the pirates -- but then the army shows up and demands they hand over the girl. Of course, pirates being what they are, they decide to cast off and make a run for it. And apparently this girl has some connection to the sand-whale Ozma!
The set-up reminded me a bit of World Destruction, but this one has better production values. The character designs are a bit retro (think Space Cruiser Yamato), which I found quite attractive. And it promises to be a great action adventure as well!

Sankarea: Chihiro loves zombies, empathising with them. Then his cat dies, and he tries to conduct some sort of lengthy resurrection ritual, in order to create some sort of zombie-cat. He does this in some abandoned building, which is also frequented by Rea who comes there to vent her frustration with her life. Chihiro tells her about his fascination with zombies, and she agrees to help him...
I'm not sure what to make of it. Of course it's total fanservice-bait, and the plot is... weird.

Zetman: In top-secret facilities, scientists bred super-powered beings who would fight each other to the death, for the amusement of the world's elite. Until the beings gained sentience, killed 'em all and escaped. Kouga is one of these beings, living with the scientist who rescued him in poverty. Of course, there are people after him, and when they close in on him, his powers activate and he becomes the killing machine he was bred to be.
Classic shounen tale of good versus bad guys. Shouty with a lot of violence.

Acchi Kochi: Tsumiki and Io are very, very close friends. Everyone treats them as a couple, but they're not quite ready for that yet. Which results in a humorous slowmance. With cute character designs. You know, the type I tend to like.

Medaka Box: Medaka has a superiority complex: she looks down on everyone. That's not to say that she is a snob or something: she's just that good at everything she does. Her childhood friend Zenkichi is quite the loser compared to her -- but she involves him in her schemes regardless. Medaka manages to become the student council president in her first year, and instates the 'Medaka Box': students who have a problem can post a letter in her box, and she'll solve their problems!
Looks gorgeous, but the pacing and the plot seems a bit... off. Maybe we need a second episode to see if we like it enough.

Nazo no Kanojo X: Akira is interested in his weird classmate Mikoto. One day he catches her drooling in her sleep, and he catches her 'love sickness': he falls ill, and only her saliva will keep him healthy. And so they become a couple...
Weird, weird stuff. If you have a drool fetish, this one is for you -- the ending sequence even features all female characters drooling in their sleep. Puddles of it. Gah.

More later!
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