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For an inquisitive person, the world is filled with interesting things. I find a lot of things interesting, and I often feel the need to know how things work -- or simply how things are or were at a certain spot.

Today, I took the book that we made of our Japan vacation of 2010 to work, so that the secretary could look through it. She asked me questions about certain details, and I was able to give quite detailed information about the places we went and what was going on there. My inquisitive nature made me learn and remember these things. Most of the time information of that sort is completely useless, but I like knowing what's going on.
In Rome, the Emirates Airlines had a poster in the hallways of the subway. It showed an elder couple wandering around a field where hot air balloons were being launched. The man was feeling the fabric of the balloon, and the woman looks around inquisitively. The text said something like "The world is for the curious people". I empathise strongly with that message: I could see myself feeling at the fabric of a hot air balloon too, given the chance.

Today was shopping day: we took the car to the supermarket to get our groceries for the week. There's a garbage station there, with containers for things like cans and glass. The containers are dug into the ground, so you can only see a small part sticking out, but your bottles fall all the way down. They had dismanteld the station, so there was this patch of eight rectangular holes in the ground, surrounded by a fence.
We didn't have any bottles to throw away, and the store was the other way, but we walked over to peer into the holes, to see how deep they are and what it looked like down there. Just to know what it is -- because we're inquisitive. Unfortunately, we didn't have a camera on us.

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