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Finished series: Louie the Rune Soldier

We've finished watching Louie the Rune Soldier, a humoristic view on the standard fantasy world.

The series starts of with a trio of female adventurers (fighter Genie, thief Merill and cleric Melissa) coming upon ruins they need magic to enter. They head back to town to seek out a magician who would be willing to go with them, but only the low-life Louie is available for adventure. Louie is a good-natured guy, who would rather use his fists (the infamous 'Louie punch!') than his magic or something more dignified like a sword.
The women don't like it at first, but they take him along anyway. To their astonishment, Louie uses his magic wand as a mace... and breaks it! But things get even worse. Melissa, who is a disciple of the God Mylee, the god of battle, performs a ritual where she will be granted a vision of her Hero -- the one she needs to follow as a loyal servant. And of course, that 'hero' turns out to be Louie!

The series is rather episodic: there are references to things happening in earlier episodes, but there is no overall plot to the series. The group gets frequently exasperated at Louie's antics (Melissa spends a lot of her time saying "It's against my will!"): he rushes into things without thinking of the consequences. But in the meantime, he is extremely loyal to his group, and he saves them from many a predicament -- usually in a very stupid or unelegant way.
The focus of the series is on the humour, and it succeeds wonderfully well, without having to resort to violent, screaming slapstick. If you've ever roleplayed in the default D&D-like worlds, you will certainly appreciate the various genre fictures being spoofed.

Good points:
- Funny, without having to resort to slapstick;
- Decent character designs;
- Enough variation in the episodes to keep you interested;
- Good spoof of various fantasy clichés.
Bad points:
- Lacklustre animation;
- Irritating closing theme;
- Episodic.

Overall, it's an enjoyable view, but nothing really special -- both in subject matter as design. I'll give it a 7.

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