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Scenes from my life

- We (me and two colleagues) were visiting a prospective client. We left at 07:30 at the office. Underway, heavy rains suddenly poured down. For some reason, someone up ahead on the highway decided this was a good time to brake -- and suddenly everyone stopped. We had to brake full force, with the ABS engaging. We managed to stop not 10 cm from the car in front of us -- but that one wasn't so lucky. The two cars in front of us had to manoever themselves to the side of the road through the traffic that was now starting up again.

- Our meeting was in a meeting room in 'the castle': a manor that is in the possession of our client. The park around it is open to the public during the day, but the inside of the manor isn't. We were situated in a large room to the side of the manor, with a terrace right outside the double doors. About halfway the meeting, we saw some commotion outside. It turns out that a bridal couple had gone up the terrace to have their photos made with the castle as the backdrop. We were hidden from view by the lace curtains, but it was kinda weird to talk business while someone was standing with their backs to the meeting, getting their photos made.

- I have a photo of two okonomiyaki on the hot plate behind my desk (a bit like this one). It's printed in color, on A3, and is taped to the window behind my desk. A secretary came by to drop off some documents for klik, and asked what it was. So I explained the concept of okonomiyaki to her, and the thought it sounded delicious. Later on, I had a meeting, and the meeting rooms are near the entrance. I found the secretary drooling at the reception desk: she had done an image search for okonomiyaki and was looking at all the pictures of delicious Japanese food.
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