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More of this meme (after slacking off for too long):
Comment to this post, mention you want to participate and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

nathreee gave me these seven things:

Smartphone: I've had a smartphone for three years now. I love the fact that I walk around with a small device that has vastly more computing power than the biggest computers ten years ago. It's not like I need one (I don't think anyone does -- when there weren't any smartphones, nobody thought of that fact as insurmountable), but I quite like having one. Also, I'm a big fan of Android, because it allows me to do things with my device that the maker might not have thought of.

Social skills: Socials skills are exactly that: skills. They can be learned, but they have to be practised. You need a teacher who tells you: "Hey, this isn't working out. Try this instead!" At least, I did (and sometimes still do), because it's very hard to learn those skills solely with self-reflection. Most people are too polite to point out your errors.

Superstition: I don't understand superstition. I can't get my head around why you would believe something because of some magical 'similarity' or 'affinity' that makes no sense. As such, I have little patience with people who insist on explaining everything with over-imaginative correlations. That might make me an intolerant prick sometimes, but I am all in favour of challenging ill-conceived ideas. And if your idea can't stand a challenge, then maybe the idea is wrong.

Chocolate: My kryptonite -- I have a serious weakness for the stuff. But since it's made of beans, I think it should be recognised as a vegetable. I'd have no problems eating my 200 grams of vegetables daily!

Dragons: Fearsome creatures indeed! I don't think in all of my years playing RPGs, our group has ever gone up against a dragon -- they're just too hefty for all but the most powerful characters. Which is why they're such a dissapointment in Skyrim: at the lower levels, a bear is more lethal than a friggin' dragon!

Mail: When I used to cut stamps, I made a hobby out of sending postcards with my stamp designs on them. Most people liked them. I still like receiving physical mail, but I'm too much of a slacker to keep up any regular correspondences.

Intelligence: It's what I studied. It irks me that we don't have a good definition of intelligence, nor a good test to see if someone is intelligent or not. Because taking IQ tests is a skill, it can be trained just like any skill -- so scoring high on an IQ test only tells us you're good at taking IQ tests. It doesn't say anything about your practical 'smarts' in real-life situations. But the weird thing is that you can often tell if someone is intelligent within five minutes -- so there are properties that can be recognised, but we can't seem to pour those into an objective, operational test.
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