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The TV season is almost over, and I haven't even finished writing up all my first episode reviews yet! Blame Skyrim for that...

Inu x Boku S.S.: (The 'S.S.' stands for Secret Service, by the way...) Ririchiyo is both a total nerd and rich. She is unable to interact normally with others, and has chosen to take residence in an apartment in 'Maison de Ayakashi' -- rumoured to be haunted, where only eccentrics live. Her family arranges for a personal caretaker, Soushi, to protect her (he is with the 'Secret Service'). Of course, with Ririchiyo's social ineptness, that's kind of a struggle. And to top things off, everyone who lives in the house is a half-monster too!
This could go two ways: either Ririchiyo will turn into an insufferable tsundere, or she learns to appreciate what Soushi does for her and ends up becoming a normal semi-human being. We'll give it the benefit of the doubt, because the second case would be very interesting.

Recorder to Randsell: Atsushi looks like an adult man, but he is an elementary school student. And Atsumi, his sister, is a highschool student who looks like an elementary school student. Hilarity ensues -- for certain meanings of 'hilarity'...

Pap no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!: Yuta is a college student. His older sister gives him custody of her three daughters, ages ranging from toddler to middle school student. The three girls move in with him, in his small apartment. Hilarity ensues -- for certain meanings of 'hilarity'...

Prince of Tennis II: The second coming of a franchise that has been going strong for many, many years. This time, the team has to train with highschool students in the U-17 training camp. They have to prove they're just as good as them!
"Sports anime" is a separate genre, and this is one of the examplary titles. Prodigal players, colorful characters as their opponents, secret techniques... This one has 'em all. We were amused by the first episode, but since we don't know anything about the franchise and the weirdness level is a tad too high, we're skipping this one.

Area no Kishi: Kakeru got hurt when playing soccer, and now he (thinks he) can't use his right leg anymore. Instead, he is the manager of the school's soccer team, where his brother Suguru is the star player. And then Nana returns, who used to play soccer with them both. Suguru thinks that Kakeru should play again, and then there's this strange masked player who forces Kakeru to use his right leg when playing against each other in the park...
Again, total sports anime, with a protagonist who must overcome his own weakness in order to become much stronger. Because we have no interest in soccer and it's rather 'kiddy', we're skipping this one.

Daily Lives of Highschool Boys: Three friends, who have been together since kindergarten, go through their school days. They get into lots of weird situations, like schoolboys are prone to do.
A male version of the bishoujo series: boys doing boyish things. Sometimes they set each other up for an embarassing situation (as boys are wont to do), but it never gets mean. We found ourselves laughing multiple times during the first episode.

High School DxD: Issei is always trying to take a peek at the girls at school. Then a girl confesses to him, and he gets himself a girlfriend, much to the jealousy of his friends. Then, on their first date, she kills him. Issei is resurrected by the prettiest girl at school, Riasu, who turns out to be a devil. From that day on, Issei is her underling.
The protagonist is such an unlikable fellow that I found it hard not to cheer when he got killed. The rest of the characters are all cardboard cut-outs.

Another: Koichi transfers to a new school. It all seems normal enough, but it seems there is something that the rest of the class absolutely doesn't want to talk about. There is a secret, and it seems to be centered around Mei, a classmate that no-one else seems to notice...
The thing with supernatural anime is that the first episode usually consists of a lot of foreshadowing of Horrible Things To Come, and not much content. And yet, the quiet stifling atmosphere of fear is very well done, so it might turn out to be quite the trip.

Rinne no Lagrange: Madoka lives on a tropical island. She has her own after school club, the 'Jersey Club'. She helps out other people in need (the first thing we see from her in this first episode is how she saves a girl from drowning). Then Lan comes to her school to return Madoka's uniform to her, and asks her to help. It turns out that there's a mecha parked at a station just off the coast, and she is needed to pilot it to defeat alien invaders! And Madoka's sister knows something about it too...
Could be cool, could be a total dud. But it looks gorgeous, and Madoka's upbeat personality will prevent most of the brooding that all mecha pilots seems to go through at one point in their carreer.

Amagami SS+: Continuation of Amagami SS. We get to see what happens with Junichi after he starts dating with the girls. Again, parallel storylines. It doesn't add much, though.

Kill me Baby: Sonya is an assassin. Yasuna is her friend in highschool, but she keeps making unexpected moves towards Sonya -- resulting in her getting kicked around a lot. It's an adaptation of a 4-panel comic, so there are a lot of short gags.It's fun enough, but probably not to sustain it for a whole season.

Black Rock Shooter: Mato wants to make friends at her new school. And Yomi seems like a friendly, elegant and cultured lady. The two hit it off, but when Mato visits Yomi, a girl in a wheelchair comes to visit Yomi and basically chases Mato away. In between this, there are scenes where girls who look vaguely like Mato and Yomi are battling it out in a desolate, ruined urban landscape. Probably quite symbolic, in true Ultimate Destiny Apocalypse style.
Looks gorgeous, and again there is this sense of something bigger going on that they let on initially. We liked the OVA, and the series provides much more context, so this should be good.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Niki: Moe finds a cat. A round cat. A round cat who is beloved by all, but who secretly torments Moe's brother. And then the three minutes are over, and you wonder what the hell just happened?
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