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Skyrim humour

I've been playing waaaaay too much Skyrim. Fub the woodelf is now Thane in four holds, has two houses and is even married. Meanwhile, he pisses off the Aldmeri Dominion whenever he can. Oh, and he's also Harbringer of the Companions and knee-deep in the nefarious plots of the Thief's Guild. I've upgraded his weapons and armour so much that even snow trolls can be routinely hacked to pieces -- and sneaking around with a bow proves quite succesfull as well. I've cleared whole dungeons where no-one even knew what hit them.

With a game so vast and wide, you get people who really have an opinion on it. Some things don't make any sense, but make for good gaming. Some things you have to do over and over and over again... And so lots of humour ensues! Take for instance the two comics by amultiverse_com: here and here.
And there's someone trying to 'live' in Skyrim as an NPC: no quests, just trying to get by. It's pretty hilarious, and can be found here.

Lastly, if you can understand Dutch and played the game, you'll understand where this rant is coming from.
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