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Finished series: Natsume Yujin-cho San

We've finished watching Natsume Yujin-cho San. My first episode review is here.

This is the third Natsume series, so by now you should know what it's about. Again, Natsume encounters many spirits -- some new, some that we already know. Some are dangerous, others simply want to get their name back from the Book of Friends that he inherited from his grandmother Reiko. Natsume is really getting integrated in spirit society, and while he sometimes curses his gift, he wouldn't want to lose that part of his life either.
But as we saw in the earlier series, Natsume did manage to make some friends -- some of which even know of his gift. He even has a few adventures with his friends that involve his sensitivity to spirits, which is a nice change of pace: Natsume is slowly transforming from a sad and scared loner into a confident young man, and that is encouraging to see.
Most of the episodes are stand-alone, but there are a few multi-episode story arcs. Not every story is as interesting, though -- especially the story where Natsume encounters the exorcistclan from a previous series is a bit dissapointing. But overall this is a great addition to the on-going series of Natsume.

Visually, the series isn't a high-flier, but the visuals do fit in with the quiet small-town feel of the series. The voice acting is okay, and I enjoyed the theme music a lot. Basically, it's a straight continuation of the previous series.

Good points:
- More of the good stuff!
- Real character development in Natsume.
Bad points:
- Not every story is as interesting.

I'll give it a 7.5 -- an enjoyable series. If you liked the previous ones, you'll like this one too -- because it's more of the same.

Also, as an aside: the series is pretty popular in Japan. We visited some anime goods stores (mainly Animate stores) and they did have a lot of Natsume goods, which were popular with teenaged girls. Especially Nyanko-sensei is popular (in his cute cat-form, obviously). Perhaps that is why there will be a fourth series too!
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